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YJ is totally ridiculous, one of the things it’s especially great at doing is coming up with ridiculous reactions when someone tries one of the breads made by Azuma. He takes one bite of bread and then decides to strip naked and do…well I think you can use your imagination. It’s a show about baking bread, but at the same time it’s also a show that will leave you shaking your head and questioning your life choices.One thing that a good bad show can’t do without is a god awful protagonist. Really his only abilities lie in his odd genius for baking bread combined with his magical ‘solar hands’ that somehow make the yeast ferment more quickly due to their abnormally warm temperature (it sounds like it would be really unpleasant to hold hands with this guy).One of the main reasons that I’m so forgiving about YJ is because it actually makes me laugh out loud. I’m a pretty stoic media consumer for the most part. I think that frame might be one of the best moments I’ve seen in the show so far (I’m only on episode 20/69).Josh thinks I don’t have a heart since I never cry during movies haha. The bread is apparently so good that the contest judge literally tries to whip his dick out. The thing is, this moment is not unique–there is a ton of weird and totally inappropriate things that go on in YJ.Also what can I say, that’s just a really sexy afro.How can I say no to a show with such a sexy afro involved?The show also has a surprising lack of fanservice (at least so far), something that I found to be so beautiful and miraculous that I almost cried.The two main females in the show are surprisingly respectable, as in I have not seen them in the shower or in a bathing suit, and there have been no cleavage/upskirt shots to speak of!

En apprenant les bases de la conception du pain, Azuma découvre qu'il possède un don : les "mains solaires", qui permettent une fermentation plus rapide du pain, dès la réalisation de la pâte, ceci le rendant encore plus délicieux. Japan 69 VOSTFR HD en streaming et vous pouvez également le télécharger via plusieurs platformes, partagez notre site avec vos amis.

haha.) I mean yes, let’s not disregard that he’s an idiot, but he’s an idiot whose heart is in the right place. I actually really appreciate them, and they’re much more developed than I would have expected for a show that is clearly about bread (and whipping out your dick).

Don’t get me wrong, they’re equally ridiculous in their own ways, but not ridiculous enough that it makes me want to tear my hair out and quit the show.

His sister yelled that their family should start having bread for breakfast sometimes, but their grandfather refused to even consider it, as he would only eat natto, miso soup, and rice for breakfast.

Kazuma agreed, saying he didn’t like bread, but his sister kidnaps him and takes him to a bread store to show him the wonders of fresh-baked bread.

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Grâce à ce pouvoir, Azuma compte bien devenir un boulanger renommé dans tout le pays...