Anonymously chatting without webcam

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Learn more: How Computers Work Also called a logic board or mainboard, a board with electrical circuits printed on it that holds many components essential for a computers function, like the CPU and graphics card.

The electrical circuits on the board allow the components to receive power and communicate with each other.

Learn more: Betty's Guide to Netiquette A group of computers and devices connected by communications channels, either wired or wireless, which allows users to communicate and share resources, like peripherals, with each other.

The deliberate disruption of a computer network, either by destroying it or blocking it.

To connect to the Internet over a telephone, cable or DSL line, which are made out of metal wires, you need a modem to convert your computer's digital signal into an analog signal that it can send over the wires.

The modem translates the analog data it receives back into a digital signal that your computer can understand.

Many mobile devices can use wireless or cell phone networks to connect to the Internet.

If you must plug your own device into a public computer, be sure to scan it with anti-virus software afterwards.

It is made up of your online alias, your avatar, things you post, and information you enter into online profiles.

A safe online identity doesn't reveal your personal information.

They can install themselves when you are browsing the Internet, or they can trick you into installing them by imitating system alert messages.

Learn more: Computer and Device Defense A portable electronic device.

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If you absolutely have to log in to an account, change your password once you are back on a secure computer.

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