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Dating funnyman

The location was Mistral, a French bistro in pleasant Sherman Oaks, California, which feels like a million miles away from the smog and insincerity of downtown Hollywood.

I arrived a little early (a first given my usual shoddy timekeeping) and was immediately greeted by a host of affable staff members, who escorted me to the bar to wait.

He was “kind of bored with plays, and couldn’t see myself staying and becoming a Broadway queen” and instead used the move to the West Coast as an opportunity to take a therapeutic year of writing and doing some theatre and television roles.

It was the first screenplay Jim wrote, with a collaborator, that sold and then suddenly he had another writing career. Most recently he sold the story idea for the currently-filming movie , which he is also executive producing.

As a Brit living in the United States, one of the questions I get frequently — other than, “Sir, can you please leave our establishment? Lacking an original spark, I decided I’d pull the same question on Jim. He doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy who is often asked to vacate places.

Crocodile Dundee Linda Kozlowski was “heading South” so Jim decided for a fresh start by moving to Los Angeles.

He effortlessly scanned the list and decided on an bottle of California Merlot from the in Napa Valley. Not too heavy, a nice fruity taste and tasted like it was worth every dollar.

While we waited for the food to arrive, it was down to interviewing business.

And I though the angel hair pasta and chicken breast was as delicious as that rather by-the-book dish can get.

It’s my fault for picking something that’s not exactly tastebud-blowing, but then again I don’t want to become a Debbie Downer, so let’s move on swiftly.

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In 2007, he made five or six movies and it was “the happiest I’ve been in years.” This year, he’s got his Tooth Fairy duties (without the dress and wand, naturally), has written a couple of scripts and while it’s been a more profitable path he said that he didn’t have nearly as much fun as acting.