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Esbian dating

But I think we give it the most attention out of anyone out there to try and minimise as much as possible the amount of men who do come through," says Robyn.

"We shouldn’t have to waste our time looking at these men’s profiles, because it is a waste of time and it’s frustrating. Emily: Can I confirm that I’m I speaking to Amanda? I’m afraid we don’t allow users to join under someone else’s name or identity.

The men who are obviously men will fail that test, and some will fall off the system and we'll never hear from them again." Dattch also check supplied email addresses against a third-party supplied data base to see if it's been used to create accounts elsewhere on Twitter, Linked In or Foursquare and provide a likelihood of the user being a real person, and also a woman.

There is, Robyn concedes, an amount of human judgement made over who they let join, but the team are more likely to err on the side of caution rather than acceptance.

“Whenever I call someone who’s emailed through their number, they always tell me ‘I’m really glad you do this, it makes me feel a lot more safe online’", says Emily.

Women just don't ever do it that way." The app features Pinterest-style image boards to indicate the user's interests, such as cats, their dream holiday or the book they're currently reading.They're part of the three woman team, including front-end developer Vesna Planko, behind Dattch, a dating app designed to cater for lesbian, bisexual and bi-curious women.CEO Robyn founded Dattch in 2012 after working for several years at a branding agency, where one of her clients was one of the largest dating businesses.It's a step away from the linear section format favoured by other popular apps like OKCupid, when users are given the option to list their interests under favourite films, books, TV programmes etc.Community manager Emily says Dattch chose a visual-heavy approach to inspire more creative, engaging female-friendly profiles.

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Inspired by the plight of a friend who'd dumped her girlfriend and was depressed at the notion of finding a new partner in a club, Robyn came to the conclusion dating sites in their current form were "pretty shit for women".