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She was a nice, bookish girl, it seemed, who liked Italian food, foreign movies and reading the Arts reviews in the broadsheet papers.She enjoyed running and racket sports, which explained nicely toned figure.It shocked me, but it also really excited me and he knew it.He said he never got to have 'real sex' like that with his wife and that excited me too, although I knew it was completely wrong.She had never felt able to share with him what secretly excited her and the reason why... It was so wrong - I couldn't believe what I was doing.

He persuaded me to meet up with him a few times during holidays and somehow I just couldn't say no.It was at one such club that I first teamed up with Grant and Martin - more of whom later - to shaft some sexy, unpaid whore halfway to oblivion. I'd received enthusiastic reviews from horny punters, male and female, but to know that some girl out there was getting off on my filth to this extent made my cock rigid with excitement as I sat at my computer.Yes, those cock-crazed sex-party bitches are a whole other type of fun. So of course I mailed her right back, thanking her and asking exactly what it was that she liked about my stuff. Wow, Jake, it was really sweet of you to write back!What if Holly didn't come close to the babe I had in my mind?Could I be bothered to write the story after my motivation was shot to hell?

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It just got crazier all summer - and he did all those things, you know, that the men in your stories do. He did them the exact same way, demanding and selfish and just plain bad - and the terrible thing is he knew how much I enjoyed it.

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