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“If the feather shows bars that do reach all the way to the shaft, which is the case with this one, then it’s a female.” Holt has tested the accuracy of this method by cross-checking field observations with later DNA analysis.

The score: 140 correct matches out of 140 chicks whose gender was determined in the field using the feather method.

She was the recipient of the PRISM Award for Performance in a Drama Episode at the 16th Annual PRISM Awards for her portrayal of suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder in the Castle season-four episode "Kill Shot".

Beautiful number 788 still has another two to three weeks to totter about the tundra before she can take her first awkward flights.Fledging usually takes place when chicks are 45 to 55 days old.Though we’re happy to have found 788, the overall mortality among this year’s chicks is pretty sobering—about 70% by Holt’s reckoning, though it’s not clear why.They are paying close attention to us, so there may be a chick nearby. This is chick number 788, according to the last three digits on the leg band Holt put on weeks ago.As usual, with 23 years of experience under his belt, Holt spies a chick first. While he’s concentrating on the chick, Mom swoops by to snatch the lemming for safekeeping. The owlet’s primaries are growing in nicely and it seems to be the proper size for its age.

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The goal, as always, is to balance the need for scientific study with the overall wellbeing of the birds being studied.