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Biak was the major staging point for PT boat squadrons deploying North to the Philippines and East to the Marianas……These PT boats had dispensed with their former launching tubes.

Based at Mios Woendi were 40 PT boats, jungle green and mean looking, bristling with weaponry.We couldn’t even mention “Biak” or the nearby Navy base on the island of Mios Woendi.Navy ships of all kinds now entered the port, but we couldn’t list their names or note destinations in our outgoing mail.Along with movies ashore and afloat, there were pleasant evenings talking with friends from the other ships. ‘Next Operation’ rumors were rife; the most credible being assault landings to recapture Corregidor and Bataan with the troops about to be loaded at Biak.Every other day two of our five DEs went to sea for 24 hours.

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Our men could see a bare dusty plain ashore covered with neat rows of square, khaki-colored tents.