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An English-speaking editor or proofreader could have corrected the great majority of this dictionary's many flaws. Unlike "potato-crusher", this expression must have been used by some people at one time, but it was long ago. This bilingual dictionary is intended primarily for Lithuanian students of English. If one had any doubts about the need for at least one native speaker of each language to be involved in the production of a good dictionary of this kind, this work would eliminate them. Under mada we find, in addition to "the last word (of fashion)", "the last shriek".A more straightforward error is "alluring" in place of "allure" for magumas.Even if we assume that this page is worse than the average page, our confidence in this reference work must be shaken. For magas they give the rare (if not obsolete) "magian" but not the usual "magus". The pronunciations as well as the translations in this dictionary are very much those of British English. Neither "mode journal" nor "fashion paper" will do as translations of mad urnalas, which is, of course, "fashion magazine".

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