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If you tend to make the same coffee each time then stepless may be the way to go but be wary of losing that perfect coarseness you found.We’re looking for as many grind settings as possible so that you can get the right cup of coffee for your mood.It is an offence under Section 1 of the Criminal Damage Act 1971 to destroy or damage another person's property without lawful excuse.It is therefore illegal to remove or damage a clamp.

Blade grinders are at the cheaper end of the market as they cut the beans, which heats them up in the process, reducing the quality of your cuppa.

None of the men can be identified clearly in the video which is believed to have been filmed in the UK.

The clamp looks like the type authorised for use by the UK Home office.

The law says: 'A person who without lawful excuse - destroys or damages any property belonging to another'.

However the website Dealing With Bailiffs states that if the clamping is unlawful, a person may cut off the wheel-clamp if the clamper fails to remove it within one hour of being notified of the problem.

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The machine is incredibly easy to operate and even easier to clean with the upper wheel of its grinder core simple to remove.

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