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So if the guy hails from outside the Hollands, he might feel that you have not bothered to read up on the land’s history or even chosen to exclude the other ten provinces because you don’t deem them important enough.

Worst case scenario, you might raise the hackles of a Friesian separatist and then have to listen to him ranting about how Hollanders always take credit for the achievements of the entire country.

She’ll whip out a Philips electric razor and do horrifying things to her hair.

What little makeup she possesed will start gathering cobwebs.

When forcibly dragged to the drie dwaze dagen sale at De Bijenkorf, at wifepoint, your face will turn red as she shouts “I SAID THE SKINNY JEANS, DO THOSE LOOK LIKE SKINNY JEANS TO YOU? I began my expat journey when I moved to Amsterdam for a six month assignment ten years ago.

They are considerate not only of the wishes and needs of their partners but for that matter of any other living creature they meet on the road like old ladies, babies and even stray animals.

To make sure that this never happens again, she’ll send you reminders via Whatsapp, Facebook, email and call you five times on the day of the event just to make sure that you don’t forget.

When dating a Dutch woman, she’ll speak admiringly about how hard you work and will be charming and polite to you in public. Husband In spite of the above, the Shallow Man sees many happily married men all over Amsterdam, counting down the days to when they can have peace and quiet and some quality time alone in a coffin.

Once you’re married the family dog will be treated with more respect than you. No undertakers were hurt during the writing of this post.

In fact there’ll be times when you’re not sure if she’s addressing you or the dog, so abrupt is her manner of speaking. Till next time, don’t shoot the exceptionally well dressed messenger.

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Some might say that she was too lazy to make an effort with her appearance, but I wouldn’t dream of saying such a thing.

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